Fixed Asset Depreciation Software Mastered

Automated workflows & localised tax and accounting rules. Eliminate manual spreadsheets forever.
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Automate fixed asset depreciation with AssetAccountant™’s asset manager software

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An incredibly powerful, cloud-based, fixed asset depreciation engine.

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Say goodbye to spreadsheets, run scenarios and forecast depreciation decades into the future.

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Reduce your compliance risk with pre-modelled, international Tax and Accounting rules.

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Save time and focus on strategy through automations, integrations and efficient workflows.

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Painless Fixed Asset Register Conversion

It's so easy,
you will be posting journals within minutes

Our powerful import tools make it possible to migrate your existing asset registers in as little as 60 seconds.

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Automated & Comprehensive Features

This fixed assets software completely automates Accounting and Tax depreciation calculations for small and large registers.
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Flexible pricing for Corporates and Accounting Firms of all sizes.
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We constantly monitor tax rulings and are ISO27001 certified.
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Automated import, journaling and reporting tools minimise manual processes.
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Generate depreciation calculations over any time period – past, present or future.
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Effortless sharing of Fixed Asset Registers between clients and their advisors.
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General ledger integrations map to chart of accounts for immediate and automatic journalling.
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Detailed modelling of ATO, NZ IRD and IFRS/GAAP depreciation methods.
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Able to process data for 100 or 100,000 assets effortlessly.

AssetAccountant™ is free to use or trial for up to 25 assets.

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We love using AssetAccountant. The time savings for every client’s depreciation entries means not only is profit increased on every job, but our additional team capacity can be directed to more valuable work. There is literally no risk in the investment of AssetAccountant fixed assets software.

Suzanne Walker - Director, Clear Path Accounting


Say goodbye to manual journals forever

AssetAccountant™ journals are generated automatically by the software and can be posted directly to General Ledgers (E.g. QuickBooks Online, Sage Intacct, Xero) or exported for upload (eg MYOB). More deep integrations coming soon.
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How AssetAccountant™’s fixed asset register software can help your business

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Replace Spreadsheets

Replace hard to use, error prone spreadsheets

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Free Conversion

We will convert your existing Asset Registers for free.

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Export custom reports and download to Excel or PDF.

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Asset Depreciation

For all your Fixed Assets. Lease and Hire Purchase coming soon.

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Integrate now with your preferred General Ledger.

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Accounting & Tax

We automate all depreciation calculations for accounts AND tax.

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Build comprehensive journals for posting to your General Ledger.

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ISO27001 certified and compliant with ATO & IRD rulings.

Alan Fitzgerald - Practice Connections Team Member

I have seen a lot of niche products come and go but the one constant has been the lack of a decent fixed asset register. I was recently invited to see the latest incarnation and it did not disappoint. I am confident that both accounting firms and corporate clients will be lining up to use it – I have already been extolling the solutions’ virtues.

Alan FitzGerald - Founder, Practice Connections