A Fixed Assets Register for Depreciation setup in < 1 minute ⌚

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How To Setup a Fixed Asset Register in AssetAccountant™ in Under 1 Minute

The video above will give you a fast introduction to the powerful AssetAccountant™ fixed asset register software.

You’re an accountant who LOVES managing Fixed Asset Registers…

Probably not.

Setting up and managing fixed assets registers is a chore not many accountants confess they enjoy.

Typically, Excel spreadsheets are used.

Which is fine if the asset register is quite simple with clearly defined asset groups and relatively simple tax depreciation methods being used with not a lot of acquisitions and/or disposals.

But add a few other complexities like:

  • Multiple users in multiple locations,
  • Maintaining tax AND accounts Written Down Values for each asset,
  • Components / splits,Use of Low Value or Small Business Pools,
  • Updated tax rules,
  • Complex formulas and macros,
  • Staff churn,
  • Updates and rollbacks to completed journals.

Just to name a few.

It can make an already arduous job more painful.

There are also a few antiquated Windows only desktop software pieces still in use to manage a business’s depreciation calculations.

Opening these up is like entering a time warp – as far back to when Sydney hosted the Olympic games…


AssetAccountant™ is the Southern Hemisphere’s first fully featured, truly cloud-based depreciation engine made for accountants that manages even the most complex FARs.

Shareable, scalable and always updated.

A register can be uploaded to the platform in under 1 minute.

AssetAccountant™ – saving you from spreadsheets since 2019

Fixed asset depreciation - automated

Matt Pisarski - Intuit Team Member

Now that AssetAccountant is in our app store, our customers and sales team have a cloud option for fixed asset depreciation which has a strong integration with QuickBooks Online.

Matt Pisarski - Global Business Development, Intuit Quickbooks


Fixed Asset Depreciation Software

Video: AssetAccountant™ Overview

70 seconds explains AssetAccountant™ – “We’ve mastered Depreciation So You Don’t Have To”https://www.asset.accountant/wp-content/uploads/videos/explainer-video-sep20.mp4 In our engagement with both accounting firms and corporates, we have identified

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