How to setup a new AssetAccountant™ asset register and link it to your QuickBooks Online account

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Today I’ll demonstrate how to connect a new AssetAccountant™ register with a QuickBooks company

I’m assuming that for the purpose of this video, you have an existing Intuit account and that email has been verified.

I’m also going to assume that this account is already logged in.

Simply click the button labelled sign in with Intuit.

At this point, you may get prompted to add your credentials if you’re not already logged in.

However, if you are, all you’ll need to do is click authorise to AssetAccountant™ and to create a new register.

So what we’re going to do now is create some data in AssetAccountant™ that is needed to generate the journals we’re going to post into QuickBooks Online.

So we’ll now give this register a name “Anything” for the entity, and just save that.

From here we want to click on this integrations tab and click the connect button, which connects this register to a single company in QuickBooks Online.

You may be presented with a screen to select the correct company here if you have more than one registered with QuickBooks Online.

But I only have one company in this example, so I just need to click connect.

AssetAccountant™ is free to use or trial (ALL features)
for up to 10 assets

Marco Abril - TPM Builders Team Member

From the initial contact with the team at AssetAccountant to the final implementation, we have received prompt and positive responses. The effective support service and continuous improvement makes AssetAccountant a product highly recommended to a wide variety of industries as well as to accounting firms.

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