Is AssetAccountant™ Worth It?

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Yes! Even if you manage a small asset register, an AssetAccountant™ subscription is DEFINITELY worth it

The comparisons below are a guide for you to compare with how you manage your asset register. Feel free to crunch the numbers below replacing ours with your own numbers and estimations. Whatever numbers you come up with yourself, and no matter how you manage your assets now, AssetAccountant™ makes depreciation easy for fixed asset accounting for even the most complex fixed asset registers. ** We’ve based the below example on a small register of around 5-7 assets currently using Microsoft Excel, posting depreciation journal entries monthly to benchmark accounting software such as QuickBooks Online.
AssetAccountant vs Excel Comparison Table

AssetAccountant™ is free to use or trial for up to 25 assets.

Depreciation calculations and journals for both tax and accounting methods is made easy

  • AssetAccountant™ is a comprehensive cloud-based fixed asset register for managing depreciation developed by Accountants for Accountants.
  • AssetAccountant™ combines sophisticated interpretation of Tax and Accounting rules with a modern user interface design, to simplify the process of creating and maintaining fixed asset registers.
  • AssetAccountant™ is priced to suit accounting firms and businesses of all sizes.
  • AssetAccountant™ is currently available in Australia and New Zealand.
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Now that AssetAccountant is in our app store, our customers and sales team have a cloud option for fixed asset depreciation which has a strong integration with QuickBooks Online.

Matt Pisarski - Global Business Development, Intuit Quickbooks


Australia/ New Zealand

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