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Fixed Asset Software For Sage Intacct

AssetAccountant™ was approached by Sage Intacct in 2020 to be the recommended fixed assets engine for their ERP clients.

The resultant integration is elegant, beautifully automated and one we are very proud of. 

AssetAccountant™ is free to use or trial for up to 25 assets.

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Sage Intacct’s 300+ open API connection options help AssetAccountant™ provide the deepest depreciation integration available on the market.

  • Full support for Sage Intacct’s standard dimensions, including Customer, Vendor, Employee, Item, Department, Location, Class, and Project
  • Full support for user-defined dimensions
  • Automated depreciation calculations and one-click journaling to Sage Intacct GL
  • Sophisticated modelling of accounting AND tax rules (AU & NZ) including Div43, Luxury Vehicle, Blackhole Expenditure, Intangibles and more
  • Detailed support for Small Business Pools, Low Value Pools and Software Pools
  • Elegant user interface designed to minimise the time you spend on compliance
  • On-demand reporting and data exports
  • Effortless onboarding
  • ISO27001 certified
  • Unlimited users, entities and assets
Marco Abril - TPM Builders Team Member

From the initial contact with the team at AssetAccountant to the final implementation, we have received prompt and positive responses. The effective support service and continuous improvement makes AssetAccountant a product highly recommended to a wide variety of industries as well as to accounting firms.

Marco Abril - Financial Controller, TPM Builders

Depreciation calculations and journals for both tax and accounting methods is made easy

  • AssetAccountant™ is a comprehensive cloud-based fixed asset register for managing depreciation developed by Accountants for Accountants.
  • AssetAccountant™ combines sophisticated interpretation of Tax and Accounting rules with a modern user interface design, to simplify the process of creating and maintaining fixed asset registers.
  • AssetAccountant™ is priced to suit accounting firms and businesses of all sizes.
  • AssetAccountant™ is currently available in Australia and New Zealand.


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4 Most FAQs About AssetAccountant™

4 Most Asked FAQS An AssetAccountant™ subscription will save tax advisors and bookkeeping professionals time and therefore money addressing their client’s asset registers. Sophisticated treatment

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Australia/ New Zealand

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