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It’s amazing we calculated this year’s depreciation in just a matter of minutes!

Veenith Singh - Group Finance Operations Manager, Beca Group

Sage Intacct’s 300+ open API connection options help AssetAccountant™ provide the deepest depreciation integration available on the market.

  • Full support for Sage Intacct’s standard dimensions, including Customer, Vendor, Employee, Item, Department, Location, Class, and Project
  • Full support for user-defined dimensions
  • Draft assets: Synced with the General Ledger
  • Automated depreciation calculations and one-click journaling to Sage Intacct GL
  • Sophisticated modelling of accounting AND tax rules (AU & NZ) including Div43, Luxury Vehicle, Blackhole Expenditure, Backing Business Investment (BBI), Instant Asset Writeoff, Taxable Use, Intangibles and more
  • Detailed support for Small Business Pools, Low Value Pools and Software Pools
  • Effortless depreciation calculations and forecasts for tax and accounts over any timeframe: past, present or future
  • Automated lookup of ATO and IRD tax rulings to save you thumbing through the guide
  • Elegant user interface designed to minimise the time you spend on compliance
  • On-demand reporting and data exports
  • Effortless onboarding
  • ISO27001 certified
  • Unlimited users, entities and assets

See a series of short videos at the demo video hub, or contact us for a custom demo:

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