Convert your existing fixed asset data into AssetAccountant

AssetAccountant can provide help, assistance and a knowledgebase via

Here you can find support and resources for using the software as well as detailed answers for various functionalities and troubleshooting guides.

Additionally, there is a video hub available at, which is a library of videos related to the many functionalities of AssetAccountant.

Whilst we are eager to assist our new subscribers get familiar with AssetAccountant, one-on-one consultation and data importing is not included in any subscription.

This can be provided by one of our implementation partners for $150 per hour.

AssetAccountant offers a number of options for converting your existing fixed assets data

Data conversion services at $150 per hour

We take depreciation and leasing seriously

We undertake detailed modelling of fixed asset depreciation and lease calculation rules for both accounting and tax.

We monitor changes to ATO tax rulings and accounting standards like IAS 16 and IFRS 16 so you don’t have to.

And, of course, we are ISO27001 certified.

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