Your first fixed asset register will pay for itself.

One size does not fit all. You enjoy tailored pricing per account,
with an annual subscription to suit your needs.

Discuss your needs with our pricing specialists

Our out-of-the-box features reduce the time you spend on periodic asset register depreciation calculation and journals.

Enjoy complete accuracy for both accounts and tax.

  • Accounting Firms:
    Pricing is based on the number of client fixed asset registers you need.
  • Corporate Clients:
    Pricing is based on the number of assets you need.
  • Value-Added Resellers:
    Pricing is based on the number of assets your ERP clients need.
  • Unlimited Users:
    Cost does not get in the way of collaboration between your staff and/or clients.
  • Best-of-breed:
    compliance, efficiency and accuracy for everyone.
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Alan Fitzgerald - Practice Connections Team Member

I have seen a lot of niche products come and go but the one constant has been the lack of a decent fixed asset register. I was recently invited to see the latest incarnation and it did not disappoint. I am confident that both accounting firms and corporate clients will be lining up to use it – I have already been extolling the solutions’ virtues.

Alan FitzGerald - Founder, Practice Connections