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Leasing Schedules Automation

Set and forget every lease

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Automate depreciation (tax AND accounts) and leasing schedules with AssetAccountant™.

❌ No more manual journals,

❌ No more cumbersome spreadsheets.

  • Automated depreciation AND leasing calculations and one-click journaling to QBO GL
  • Sophisticated modelling of accounting AND tax rules
  • Detailed support for Small Business Pools, Low Value Pools and Software Pools
  • Effortless depreciation calculations and forecasts for tax and accounts over any timeframe: past, present or future
  • Automated lookup of ATO and IRD tax rulings to save you thumbing through the guide
  • Elegant user interface designed to minimise the time you spend on compliance
  • On-demand reporting and data exports
  • Effortless onboarding
  • ISO27001 certified
  • Unlimited users, entities and assets

AssetAccountant™’s intuitive interface minimises the time you spend maintaining your asset register so you can focus on your core business.

And our seamless Quickbooks Online integration eliminates the need for manual journalling and allows you to post direct to your company accounts.

A BIG time saver.

See short demo videos below, at the demo video hub, and contact us here to register your interest:

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Photo of Suzanne Walker- Clear Path Accounting Team Member

We love using AssetAccountant. The time savings for every client’s depreciation entries means not only is profit increased on every job, but our additional team capacity can be directed to more valuable work. There is literally no risk in the investment of AssetAccountant software.

Suzanne Walker - Director, Clear Path Accounting