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Beca Group
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Beca Group is one of Asia Pacific’s largest independent advisory, design and engineering consultancies. The company has more than 3,300 staff working across 21 offices around the globe. AssetAccountant now manages ALL of their fixed asset depreciation.
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Assets now managed by AssetAccountant™

Countries in Asia Pacific

250 in a Blue Circle

Working hours saved running depreciation journals – per annum


With non-cloud based system

Inaccuracy of depreciation data

Data not user-friendly - required reformatting

Access for international team difficult and clunky

Adding/removing Users created issues

Inefficient manual entries - acquisitions & disposals

Support delays from software provider

Project data required manual extracting

Difficulty correcting depreciation errors

No search functionality

Clunky navigation


With AssetAccountant

Precise depreciation calculation and journals

Cloud-based, intuitive software

Accessible by the whole team in any location

Automation - Time savings in EVERY process

Month end processing & reporting is now very smooth

Very fast journal preparation

Easy data exports to Excel for detailed analysis

Advanced search & navigation abilities

Beca's overall cost of processing assets lowered by outsourcing to low-cost jurisdiction

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It’s amazing we calculated this year’s depreciation in just a matter of minutes! Veenith Singh, Group Finance Operations Manager – Beca Group
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(as penned by Veenith)

AssetAccountant is easy to use. The international team quickly learned how to use all of the software’s functionalities.

Ability to swap between accounting and tax depreciation for journal entries is quick and simple.

Excel download of any view of the FAR for any period (past/present/future) is very useful.

Excel download of journal data is a simple and very effective feature.

Able to delegate to lower cost jurisdiction.

Ability to delete journals – This avoids management of multiple historical versions.

Asset editing is VERY easy.

Easy to use asset search function.

Ability to add Profit Centres (Classifications) in journaling avoids maintaining separate databases to then do a look up.

Excel report outputs are formatted to easily run Pivot Tables from data if required.

Calculations are precise! (no more incorrect negative values).

Easy to add opening balances for individual assets.

A quick implementation with some large and sometimes difficult registers.

Reporting is VERY user friendly.

The AssetAccountant support team responds quickly.

Processing times have halved.

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About Beca Group

Beca Group is one of Asia Pacific’s largest independent advisory, design and engineering consultancies. After a century of operation, they have grown from a family-owned business in New Zealand, to one of the most progressive, client-centric professional services consultancies in the Asia Pacific. They have more than 3,300 employees in 21 offices around the world and have delivered projects in more than 70 countries.

We create, design and optimise assets and infrastructure to make everyday better for our clients and communities.

Administrative time managing Beca Group’s fixed asset registers halved after implementation.

Further time reductions are anticipated as teams become more familiar with, then further refine new processes.