Automate Fixed Asset Depreciation

Maximise Tax Deductions

Does your accounting system calculate depreciation for accounting purposes but not for tax?

Do you have to manage your tax depreciation outside your core systems, often in spreadsheets?

AssetAccountant™ is an alternative that offers:

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Automatic calculation of depreciation by month, quarter or year
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Automated imports of purchases and disposals
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Maintenance of ATO/IRD rules so your assets are always given the latest treatment
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Access to lookup tools for tax treatments to save you time
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Forecast reports out up to 100 years
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Shared access with your 3rd party advisers
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Workflow management with approval of depreciation settings
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Automated first pass selection of tax depreciation treatments for review
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Standard outputs for corporate tax software such as Taxlab and CCH Integrator

How AssetAccountant™ can help

AssetAccountant™ is a cloud-based depreciation engine
that can be used for accounting and/or tax depreciation of fixed assets.

In the case of tax only depreciation, you can use AssetAccountant ™ as follows:

Implement and validate opening balances

AssetAccountant™ can automatically import existing fixed asset and depreciation details keeping the implementation process as simple as possible. Upon import, you can also confirm your existing treatments and calculations have been set up correctly.

Month end process

Once AssetAccountant™ has been set up, the new month end process for keeping your tax depreciation calculations up to date is as simple as follows:

  • Import additions from your accounting data
  • Classify your additions for tax treatment in bulk, via automated selections and with approval processes and a full audit trail
  • Import your disposals from accounting data
  • Validate the automated matching performed by AssetAccountant™

Quarterly/Annual reporting process

With the above setup, your reporting data for tax depreciation is available at the touch of a button at any time.

Maximise deductions

Models ATO & IRD tax rules precisely with integrated rate/life lookup functionality. Leave no deductions on the tax collector's table.

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It’s amazing we calculated this year’s depreciation in just a matter of minutes!

Veenith Singh - Group Finance Operations Manager, Beca Group


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