Practical matters in fixed asset management

Managing fixed assets and calculating depreciation

Sounds pretty straightforward, right?

You buy an asset and write it off over its useful life using a method prescribed either by your own accounting policies or the relevant tax authorities.

Well, in practice, whilst this may sound simple, there are lots of real life day-to-day examples of events that occur which can complicate these matters considerably.

At AssetAccountant™, we make it our mission to make managing these events as easy as possible.

Some examples and the kinds of functionality we provide are set out below:

Partial disposals


Image of a Beca Group Team Member

It’s amazing we calculated this year’s depreciation in just a matter of minutes!

Veenith Singh - Group Finance Operations Manager, Beca Group

Second element of cost

Work in progress/assets under construction

Different cost basis for book and tax

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Fixed asset depreciation - automated


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