User roles and permissions


User roles and permissions for using AssetAccountant

User roles in AssetAccountant can be administered and managed using both the organization settings and/or the register settings on the left-hand side of the menu here.

For the purpose of this instructional video, we’ll go to the organization settings and we’ll go to users.

This is an overall screen of the users of the whole organization. And as you can see, we have quite a number there.

Now, if you wanted to allocate different user roles, you can do so it’s as simple as clicking down on the role and choosing what function you would like each user to have. If it’s different to what they already have. Maybe you don’t see somebody on this list that you would like to invite to the organization, it is as simple as inviting the user typing in an email address, choosing what role you would like them to have an administrator, an account manager, or an account member. And there will be a download for account structure and user roles attached to this video that will explain what each of those are capable of. You can choose which entity, if you have multiple and you can change the user roles here as well, and just simply invite them once that is done and they’ve accepted the invitation, they will appear on this list. You can see that one I just sent is pending at the bottom. Once that’s accepted, they will be turned into the list here as users.

Now, account owners, there can only be one account owner per organization, and they have full access to all settings and features.

And that includes also billing and credit card details if you subscribed to AssetAccountant and monthly. I am logged in as the owner and only the owner can transfer to another owner. And typically the owner is of an account as the person that initially set it up in AssetAccountant, but should, for whatever reason, I want to change the overall account owner, it is very simple.

We just go to that person on the list that you want to allocate the ownership to. Again, if you need to invite another user, you can do so, but it is as simple as transferring the account owner. You’ll get a prompt screen to ask you if that is sure you want to do. And just okay. And it is as easy as that.

It is evident that I am currently logged in as an administrator, or the individual who is currently logged in holds the status of an administrator. Furthermore, the person whom I have designated as the nominee has now become the account owner and possesses extensive global access.

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